1. Our project aims at developing cultural production and the local market.

2. Cultural production that makes a difference is feasible if it meets all of the following criteria:
A. The product is ingenious. On our part, we can only inspire.
B. The ability to reflect contemporary society.
C. The efficient functioning in the market context.

3. Sustainable development and the power of persuasion of all cultural products are conditioned on their interconnections that shape the milieu. On the one hand, these are the connections between the artist and contemporary society. On the other hand, it is the professional network, within which contemporary issues are outlined.

4. Our purpose is to reinforce cultural production and to create new interconnections inside the creative milieu and beyond it.

5. To achieve this, we engage in the following activities:
A. Networking, bringing strong promising projects together, and creating conditions for artistic development and cooperation.
B. Promotion of emerging artists and fashion designers.
C. Business education. Not being embedded in the market, contemporary art and fashion are bound to disappear. We research and strive to understand both local and international context. We teach professional skills and self-production solutions. We communicate and exchange expertise with like-minded institutions abroad.

6. What we deliver?
A. We offer lecture-based programs that cover the core concepts of contemporary cultural production, raise awareness of the key trends and novel ideas, discuss the development strategies and the impact that socio-cultural context has on the creative process.
B. Continuing training to improve business literacy, help foster the communication between industry professionals, teach self-production solutions, and share hands-on experience.
C. We operate a retail store that sells fashionable local apparel labels and emerging contemporary artists.
D. We run a book store, organize movie screenings, concerts, and the Gingerbread Festival

7. The Sreda project is aimed at reforming our milieu from the inside out, since for us it is important that the interests of cultural producers and consumers intersect

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